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Class Name:  Feisty Fido Level 2                         Pre-requisite:  Feisty Fido

Number of Classes: 6                         

Venue:  Various Outdoor Venues in Calgary


Join us  for 6 “real life situation” classes, to expand you and your dog’s learning,  so that you can feel confident in tackling real life every day situations as they occur!!  This is a must take class for graduates of Feisty Fido.

The curriculum includes:

1. Controlled socialization

2. Mock ups of real life situations

3. New skills and tools to accelerate your dog's progress

4. Confidence building exercises

5. Emergency strategies

6. Situational skills and strategies

7. How to use play to modify fears, reactivity and aggression – this is always a favorite!!

8. Parkour

Why you should sign up:

-  supportive and safe setting for you and your dog

 -  carefully plan set ups with environmental control to help reduce stress and enable learning

-  personalized learning environment

-  connect with other reactive dog owners

-  learn how to safely modify your dog’s behaviour in every day situation in the real world!

Where the classes are held:

- upon registration you will receive details regarding class locations (all very central)

Weather Policy:   We will occassionaly re-schedule these classes due to unpleasant weather.

Upcoming Dates/Times:



Available Dates/Times

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