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Class Name:  Puppy Play and Learn                                                                Pre-requisite:  None

Number of Classes: 6 classes                               

Venue:  Waggin’ Tails in Calgary


For puppies ages 8-20 weeks (must complete by 20 weeks).  

The old adage of  "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"  applies to your new puppy too. Whether you've brought home a perfect puppy and are wanting him to stay that way, or your puppy is struggling with housetraining or puppy biting, Puppy Play and Learn is for you!

This is the MOST influential time during your puppy's development and it's critical to start training and socialization now.  

Our 6 Week Puppy Play and Learn Program has been designed  to build a solid foundation of skills and social behaviours so that you can have a "take anywhere puppy", all while working pro-activily to prevent the development of  more serious issues such as fears, aggression and anxiety

Here's what you and your puppy will learn during this 6 week program:

  • Appropriate play - Socialization isn’t just about exposure.  It’s about learning how to interact in social situations!!!
  • Socialization (dogs, humans, surfaces, noises, smells and more!!!)
  • Fears & aggression prevention – this is our area of expertise!!!
  • Bite inhibition training
  • Housetraining & Puppy Biting strategies
  • Cooperative grooming & vet care
  • Bonding exercises
  • Foundational skills & manners: recall/focus/greetings/food manners/impulse control/beginning leash skills/sit/drop it and more!!!

Tuition non transferable and non refundable.  No make up classes for missed classes.

No exceptions.

Enrollment for this class is open, meaning you can start any week for 6 consecutive weeks. Please book in advance and specify your preferred start date below.

Puppy Play and Learn is NOT appropriate for puppies who are exhibiting fear, hyper-arouasal, anxiety or aggression.  Please contact us for options!

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