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Class Name:  Rescue Rover                                                                 Pre-requisite:  None

Number of Classes: 6                           

Venue:  Waggin’ Tails in Calgary


Rescue Rover is Calgary’s only obedience, manners and socialization program designed specifically for Rescue Dogs and their people!  If you have a human and dog friendly rescue dog ages 14 weeks and up, this class is for you!!!

While in many ways, your rescue dog is no different than any other dog, there are some important differences including:

1. Early Socialization & Communication Deficits:  your rescue dog or puppy may not have had the benefit of proper early  socialization.  While we can’t turn the clock back, there is a lot we can do to offset any deficits before issues arise!

2. Scarcity of Food: your rescue dog or puppy may have been deprived of food prior to being rescued.  While they are now being fed regularly, they may still have a “Starvation Mindset”.  This can lead to all sorts of behaviours ranging from pre-occupation with food or food guarding or stealing food.   

3. Attachment Issues:  rescue dogs and puppies can sometimes attach to their humans in unhealthy ways due to a lack of proper nurture and overall instability during critical developmental phases.  This can lead to the inability to regulate emotions, aggression, protective behaviour and separation distress. It’s important to address this before problems arise!

The Rescue Rover curriculum pro-actively addresses these issues, all while  building foundational skills and manners to help your dog thrive in the city!

Over the course of 6 weeks, you and your dog can expect to learn:

Basic skills & manners:

sit, come when called,  leash walking,focus,go say hi,no jumping, relax on a mat, self control

Rescue dog specific socialization and bonding exercises!!!

Aggression prevention exercises.

How to speak dog!

Tuition non transferable and non refundable.  There are no makeup classes for missed classes!

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